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Welcome to R & M Automotive

Repair and Car Service

We appreciate cars for what they are usually a means of transportation from point a to point b. We also understand that cars can mean a lot more to an owner, whether it is a sense of pride and joy, a childhood dream, or a weekend warrior.
We know the feeling you get after your car is cleaned, standing back admiring the lines that compose the car or the reflection of the clean paint and good performance. The feeling we most understand is the discontent you feel when you notice those lines or reflections are being distorted by leaking fluids, squishy brake peddles, or even smoke coming from under the hood...

Our Mission

We strive for excellence. Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the work we do and the services we provide. We use high quality parts and have reasonable pricing. We want to make sure that all of our customers’ vehicles are safe and operating at optimum performance. We repair all types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, ATV’s and so much more at an affordable price.

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  • Public Safety

    Here at R&M Automotive Repair we are grateful that we live in the greatest country on Gods green earth. That’s because of our men and women in uniform, who bravely serve to protect us and keep us safe. Our way of saying thanks is to offer 10% off any service we provide.

  • Car Clubs & Forums

    Does your car club/forum have annual “meets” from time to time? We at R&M Automotive Repair love cars of all types, so go ahead and invite us out and we’ll bring our highly skilled lifted truck, performance and/or auto repair technicians with us. If your club’s gathering has more than 15 members present, we’re even gonna give you guys an extra 10% off.

  • Go Green

    Whether you are political, sociological or economical about it, the bottom line is the same, doing something GREEN reduces harmful impact on the environment. R&M Automotive Repair brings smarter ways of fixing your vehicle’s needs. By repairing instead of replacing, you’ll help create less impact on our environment.

  • Tell a Friend

    Here at R&M Automotive Repair we consider a referral to be the ultimate compliment, it means that not only have we surpassed your high standards of quality but that we’ve earned your valuable trust. We also would like to give you an extra 10% off your next automotive repair when someone mentions that you referred us.

  • Q. Does R&M Automotive Repair guarantee their work?

    A. Yes, here at R&M Automotive Repair we understand your demand for first class service, consistent high quality and value for your money. That’s why we offer a guarantee that’s second to none. If our work doesn’t meet or exceed what we’ve promised, then we will make it right completely free!

  • Q. Can R&M Automotive Repair mobile services help me avoid those costly lease penalty’s?

    A. Yes, but first it’s important to remember that the lease company doesn’t expect for you to return the vehicle in perfect condition (they allow for some wear and tear). What they will however charge you for is “EXCESSIVE” damage. Here in lies the problem, your idea of “excessive” and theirs may greatly differ. Please keep in mind that the lease company needs to resale the vehicle to be able to turn a profit. They will observe every area of damage that affects the resale value of the vehicle such as dings/dents, missed maintenance requirement, window chips and even missing floor mats! When damage is found that affects the value of the vehicle negatively they will charge you automotive shop price to fix it. That’s why R&M Automotive Repair offers a variety of mobile recondition services, so you won’t have to be at the mercy of the fine print in your lease contract anymore. Be pro- active and let a R&M Automotive Repair technician do a pre-lease return inspection it’s extremely affordable and could possibly save you a lot of money. Give us a call or email any questions about your lease and we’ll do our best to help you out.

  • Q. Will a reconditioned vehicle sell faster?

    A. Yes, when it comes to selling your car the saying “ image is everything” couldn’t be more true. It’s a fact people judge a vehicle by it’s appearance, if it looks good then they’ll assume it’s been well taken care of. Car dealers have known this for years that’s why they use our services, to them what they spend recondition the vehicle will make them many times over, providing a faster turn around and a higher profit. Bottom line if your selling your car R&M Automotive Repair will help you get more interested buyers, a quicker sale and top dollar.

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